Intellectual and Technical Autobiography

Greetings, fellow Clio Wired I students!

I am one of our Art History MA student and this course fulfills one of our requirements.

My academic interests lie primarily in the Ancient Old World. I live in the Art History department, but spend an equal amount of my time on archaeology (most practical experience, however, has been here on American sites) and the study of ancient languages (a little Attic Greek and a lot of Latin to date).

I gave my blog this fun name because I’m hoping to work on a project this year exploring coin hordes from the Kushan Empire and what digital mapping and analysis can do for our understanding of their distribution and (socio-political) function…

which leads to my technical experience: quite a mixed bag. I’m just barely old enough that computers at school were still a rarity (received my first email at 21). I lead a relatively technology light lifestyle, but somehow own a laptop and smartphone; I spend as little time as possible on the Internet, but can check email and facebook like a champ. On the other hand, I have taken courses in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), taken surveys and digitised maps for archaeological sites. I have also updated webpages for work and learned a little HTML and the use of tools like Photoshop (the later promptly forgotten) for sundry professional projects.

I’m looking forward to working on a mapping tool this year and also to broadening my technological horizons through our course work. I’m also looking forward to meeting everyone, working with you throughout the semester, and seeing all of the interesting projects folks come up with this year.